STOP-MOTION ANIMATION – Claymation, Storytelling

Students work with modeling clay to create an animated, 30 second story using still photography and stop-motion software.

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STOP-MOTION ANIMATION – Claymation, Storytelling


Clay Carving Tools (only if available)TripodDigital CameraBackdropLightingMasking TapeStop-Motion Software


Step 1
  1. Set up your backdrop, tripod, camera and lighting and secure them with masking tape.
  2. Place the clay figures within the background and in front of the lens.
  3. Take 15 pictures of your scene without anything moving to establish where the action is taking place.
  4. Next, move the figures a tiny bit and shoot two frames with the digital camera.
Step 2
  1. Move the figure slightly. Remember that the smaller the movement, the smoother the motion will appear.
  2. Shoot two frames with the digital camera.
Step 3
  1. Repeat Step 2 moving the figure slightly each time, taking pictures, then moving the figure again as you act out the story from your storyboard.
  2. You should repeat this step 720 times in order to have a final animation that is 30 seconds in length.
  3. Import the still images into your editing software, for example, iMovie, iStopMotion, Windows Movie Maker.
  4. Follow the steps in your software to edit your film and add music.
  5. Export the film and save it.
  • Subjects:

    • Grades:

      • Kindergarten,

      • Grade 1,

      • Grade 2,

      • Grade 3,

      • Grade 4,

      • Grade 5,

      • Grade 6,

      • Grade 7,

      • Grade 8,

      • Grade 9,

      • Grade 10,

      • Grade 11,

      • Grade 12

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