Crayola paints and compounds are perfect for use at-home or in the classroom

Our non-toxic and washable formulas make them safe for artists of all ages. Our Crayola Kids’ Paints and paint sets are available in a diverse range of novelty options as well, from glitter, neon, watercolour, and good, old-fashioned finger paints! With Crayola paints, your kids will have hours of fun painting colourful creations on paper, poster board, and even fabric. Crayola modelling compounds allow your little artist to express themselves through sculpting, moulding and modelling. Kids love the 3D nature of modelling work. With Crayola clay and putty compounds, there’s no need to hunt down a kiln. Our Air-Dry Clay hardens on its own, and our Modelling Clay can be sculpted, squished, and reused over again without ever drying out. Crayola brand Model Magic offers the best of both worlds. For Model Magic creations worth keeping, simply leave them out overnight to dry, just like with our Air-Dry Clay formula. With Crayola modelling clay and dough, it doesn’t get any easier to get your child sculpting away!

Illustrated Crayon Character