Green Initiatives

Crayola cares about the environment and responsibly makes the products you love.

Renewable Energy

Crayola invests in 100% renewable energy from solar power for US manufacturing, enough to make over 3 billion crayons, 700 million markers, and 120 million jars of paint a year.

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100 renewable energy

Carbon Footprint

Crayola has reduced CO2e emissions from the operating of the company-owned facilities’ direct and indirect energy sources by 82% since 2019.

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Most Crayola Colored Pencils are made from wood that is reforested in an 8,288 hectare pine farm where 300,000 seedlings are planted each year.

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Reforested colored pencils

Waste Reduction

Crayola redesigned the Broad Line markers over the past 10 years to save an estimated 2 million pounds of plastic versus the previous design.

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Colorcyle marker recovery 1
Sus color cycle

Color Cycle

Sus educator

Educator Resources

Edwins garden

Edwin’s Garden

Employee-run farm donates 1 ton vegetables/​year

Illustrated Crayon Character