Art kits

Art Cases & Kits

All-in-one stationery and creativity kits that include premium colouring tools with organized storage for easy portability

Help your little artist stretch their imagination to the moon and beyond with Crayola art sets. There’s no limits to what they can create with a little push from our creative tools! Our art kits for kids ‒ available for coloured pencils, markers, and crayons ‒ help keep things clean and organized. Parents and teachers love them just as much as kiddos do! These sets are also available as a giant catch-all for art supplies. A single kit can even house many Crayola favourites (coloured pencils, chalk, markers and more), making them an easy gift with unlimited possibilities for artistic inspiration! Our supply kits provide a one-stop shop for all your colouring needs.

Illustrated Crayon Character