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These DIY craft ideas for
Thanksgiving are fun and festive.
Create them today!

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10 Oct01 Fall Craft Module 980x1087

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Say hello to the autumn season with an easy fall leaves decoration.

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10 Oct01 Glow Fusion 980x1087 2

Colour in the Dark!

Glow Fusion takes colouring to the next level.

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10 Oct01 Thanksgiving Colouring Page 980x1087

Thanksgiving Colouring Page

10 Oct01 Thanksgiving CIY Module 980x1087

Made by hand!

Say Happy Thanksgiving!” with a cute and custom hand-print turkey craft for kids.

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10 Oct01 Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day Module 980x1087 Option2

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation

Celebrate Teachers with Crayola Creative Spa — providing a creative refresh that is energizing, empowering, and colourful. Creative fun projects to relax and de-stress with us!