SPRING BIRDS – Colour, Texture, Shading

Students research information about a Canadian migratory bird and use oil pastels on black construction paper to draw it.

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SPRING BIRDS – Colour, Texture, Shading


  • Crayola Oil Pastels - 16 Count
  • Crayola Black Construction Paper - 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm (9" x 12")
  • Crayola Sketchbooks - 1 per student
  • Pencils
  • Erasers


Step 1
  1. Use your sketchbook to record information and test ideas for drawing your bird.
    - glue a picture of the bird into your sketchbook
    - make a sketch of the bird
    - glue a small piece of black paper into your book and use it to experiment with ways to blend and match colours using the oil pastels
Step 2
  1. Use a pencil to lightly draw the composition on the black construction paper.
  2. Refer to your sketch and make sure the composition fills the page.
Step 3
  1. Refer to your sketchbook notes and pictures.
  2. Try to match the colours of the bird by blending different colours.
  3. Use a tissue to clean the tip of the oil pastel if it gets another colour on it.
  4. Make short strokes to create texture.
Step 4
  1. Add shadows with black and highlights with white.
  2. Once the drawing is finished, hold it up and look at it with fresh eyes.
  3. Check to see if you need to add more shadows, highlights or colours.
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