I AM A COIL POT – Metaphor, Identity, Colour

In this 3-part lesson students use air dry clay to create a coil pot that is a personal metaphor, and use acrylic paint to colour it symbolically. Then they decorate a piece of paper that connects with their clay pot and use it to write an artist statement that describes their process and intentions.

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I AM A COIL POT – Metaphor, Identity, Colour


  • Crayola Air-Dry Clay 1.13 kg White
  • Crayola Acrylic Paint - 6 Count
  • Crayola Variety Brush Set - 5 Count
  • Crayola Markers - 16 Count
  • Crayola Marker & Watercolour Paper - 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm (9" x 12")
  • Water Containers
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Lids for Palettes - about 12 cm (4.5") Diameter
  • Plastic Containers - about 12 cm (4.5") Diameter - 1 per student
  • Small Pieces of Sponge - about 3 cm x 4 cm (1" x 1.5") 1 per student


Step 1


  1. Use the How to Make a Coil Potlesson plan available on this website to create a clay pot.
  2. Add details to represent parts of your identity.
  3. Allow the pot to dry for a week.
  4. It should be white when it is completely dry.
Step 2


  1. Place the pot on an upside down plastic container.
  2. Use acrylic paint to apply colours that have a special meaning for you.
  3. Mix small amounts of paint on a plastic lid - a little goes a long way.
Step 3
  1. When you have finished painting it, view the pot from all directions.
  2. Make any changes and clean up the edges.
  3. What does your coil pot say about you?
Step 4


  1. Use the Decorated Pages lesson plan available on this website to decorate a piece of paper.
  2. Use design elements that connect with your coil pot.
  3. Write your artist statement on the decorated paper.
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