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Have a creative moment with your child today!
Crayola is committed to supporting you with new ideas and easy-to-implement activities for creative moments at home. We know life gets hectic, but here you’ll find quick and easy ways to spark your child’s imagination and encourage their creative endeavors

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Amanda created her art piece, Beauty Makes a Difference,” when she was only 8 years old. It depicts a genie casting a beauty spell upon a girl. But what makes her become beautiful is the kindness and love in her heart.


In 1997, Justin created An Old Me.” In his artwork, he’s an adult reflecting back on his great memories of when he played soccer as a child. But it just so happens, Justin’s still playing soccer today, and so is his son.


In 1989, Barbara created Flying With Birds In My Hair.” When asked the meaning behind it, she said, I’m free to be me, whoever I am.” As an adult, the painting means more to her today than it did then, as it feels like a tribute to her bird loving mom.


Naomi taught art in the public school system for 47 years. For several of those years, Naomi led her students to create creative works of art for the Crayola Dream Makers program. When asked about her job, she said, Giving children the confidence to create and express themselves is the best job in the world.”

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The Importance of Creativity

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Creating Creative Moments

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Creativity in Unexpected Places

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