WORD WANDS – Exploring Shapes, Texture, Pattern

Children use Model Magic, a variety of decorative materials and a paint stir stick to create a Word Wand they can use to explore words and letters in the classroom.

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WORD WANDS – Exploring Shapes, Texture, Pattern


  • Crayola Model Magic - Assorted Colours
  • Paint Stir Stciks
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Buttons and Beads
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Rhinestones
  • Googly Eyes


Step 1
  1. Gather a variety of materials.
  2. Place everything in the centre of a table for easy access.
Step 2
  1. Create a ball-like shape of Model Magic, or use a cookie cutter.
  2. Press the ball onto to a paint stir stick.
  3. Make sure the stick goes all the way to the top of the Model Magic shape, and that the shape is firmly stuck to the stick.
  4. For cookie cutters, place one cut-out shape on one side of the stir stick and another on the other side so they attach firmly, and the stick is sandwiched inside the two Model Magic shapes.

Step 3
  1. Use different colours of Model Magic to decorate the wand.
  2. Push pipe cleaners, jewels, buttons and beads into the Model Magic to make them stick.
  3. Create patterns and 1 long pointer.
  4. Allow the Model Magic to dry for 72 hours.
  • Subjects:

    • Language Arts,

    • Mathematics,

    • Visual Arts

  • Grades:

    • Pre-Kindergarten,

    • Kindergarten,

    • Grade 1

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