Students use tempera paint to create a value scale in the form of an imaginary snake. They decorate the completed painting and use it for the cover of a simple book.

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  • Crayola Tempera Paint
  • Crayola Washable No-Run Glue
  • Crayola Paint Brushes
  • Crayola Fine Line Markers
  • Bristol Board - 16.5 cm x 30.5 cm (6" x 12") - 2 pieces per student


Step 1
  1. Draw a fat snake the full length of the paper.
  2. Divide the snake into about 9 evenly spaced sections.
  3. This will be your value scale.
Step 2
  1. Choose a primary colour and white to work with.
  2. Place a small amount of paint on the palette.
  3. Paint the tip of the snake white.
  4. Then mix a tiny bit of the primary colour into the white to make the palest tint.
Step 3
  1. Gradually add more colour to the tint you just mixed to make the next section slightly darker.
  2. Continue painting the sections of the scale.
  3. End with the primary colour unmixed.
  4. Allow the painting to dry.
Step 4
  1. Use black marker to decorate the snake with interesting line patterns.
  2. Make up your own or try using Zentangle patterns.
Step 5
  1. Add some glitter glue and other embellishments to complete the snake.
  2. Use this artwork for the cover of a book.
Step 6
  1. Place a popsicle stick at the left end on the snake painting.
  2. Mark 2 dots on the inside edge about 2 cm in from each end of the stick.
  3. Stack papers with the snake painting on top and another piece of Bristol board on the bottom.
  4. Paper clip all the pages together to hold them in place.
  5. Use a paper punch to make holes at the dots.
  6. Make sure the holes go through all the papers.
Step 7
  1. Poke an elastic band from the back to the front through one hole.
  2. Place the popsicle stick through the loop of the elastic band at the front.
Step 8
  1. Repeat for the other hole to fasten the book together.
  2. Write colourful stories and poetry in your book.
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