PURPLE PEOPLE EATER – Colour, Contrast

Students use marker and coloured pencils to design a one-eyed creature based on their interpretation of the Purple People Eater song.

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PURPLE PEOPLE EATER – Colour, Contrast


  • Crayola Coloured Pencils
  • Crayola Glue Sticks
  • Crayola Permanent Markers - Black
  • Crayola Marker & Watercolour Paper - 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm (9" x 12") - 1 per student
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Recycled Magazines


Step 1
  1. Choose an eye from a magazine image.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Glue it to your paper to be the eye of your creature.
Step 2
  1. Find clues about the creature in the lyrics of the Purple People Eatersong, for example,
    - one eye
    - one horn
    - wings or something that allows it to fly
    - gruff voice
    - rock and roll
    - feet turned inward
    - small
    - music comes out of the horn
  2. Make a few rough sketches that include these characteristics.
  3. Test some colour combinations and layered colours.
  4. Choose the ideas you like best.
  5. Draw your creature in pencil first.
  6. When you are satisfied outline the drawing in black marker.
Step 3
  1. Choose 2 or 3 colours from the same colour family as well as a contrasting colour to work with.
  2. Layer 2 or more colours and vary the pressure as you colour to create contrast.
  3. Add last minute details and clean up any pencil marks.
  4. View the work with fresh eyes.
    - Does your design fit the mood and details of the song?
    - What do you see that makes you say that?
Illustrated Crayon Character