MIND BLOWING ART – Expressive Colour, Shape

Students create a self-portrait using colour to express their feelings.

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MIND BLOWING ART – Expressive Colour, Shape


  • Crayola Fine Line Markers - Black
  • Crayola Marker & Watercolour Paper - 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm (9" x 12")
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Crayola Washable Paint
  • Pencils
  • Drinking Straws
  • Masking Tape
  • Newspapers


Step 1
  1. Use a pencil to sketch your head, neck and shoulders.
  2. Draw the details of your face to show the expression you want your portrait to have.
    - happy
    - sad
    - angry
    - confused
    - etc.
Step 2
  1. Outline your drawing with a black fine line marker.
  2. Use crayons to colour your portrait.
Step 3
  1. Place a piece of white paper (scrap or recycled) on top of your portrait.
  2. Trace the head only.
  3. Cut out the shape.
  4. Place it on top of your drawing so it covers the head.
  5. Roll a small piece of masking tape into a loop with the sticky side facing out.
  6. Place it on the back of the shape to help hold it in place.
Step 4
  1. Cover your table with newspaper.
  2. Use paint and straws to blow the paint onto the drawing.
  3. Make sure you blow not suck the paint.
    - spoon a small amount of paint onto the cover paper where you want the hair to be
    - point the straw in the direction you want the paint to go
    - blow the paint with one big breath
    - keep blowing and adding more paint until you are satisfied with how it looks
    - remember to choose colours that express your feelings
Step 5
  1. Carefully remove the paper shape from your drawing.
  2. Allow the paint to dry overnight.
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