DRESS FOR THE SEASON – Shape, Colour, Contrast

Students work with paper and markers to create a people chain book that demonstrates the changes that occur because of seasonal cycles.

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DRESS FOR THE SEASON – Shape, Colour, Contrast


  • Crayola Giant Construction Paper - 30 cm x 45 cm (12" x 18") - 1 piece per student
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Crayola Markers
  • Crayola Washable Glue Sticks
  • Clear Tape
  • Pencils
  • Paper Clips - about 5 per student


Step 1
  1. Follow the instructions to accordion fold the paper.
  2. Cut out a template.
  3. Place the open edge of the folded paper to the right.
  4. Place the template on the folded paper with the arms facing to the right and the head at the top.
  5. Use paper clips to hold the template in place.
  6. Trace around the outer edges of the template.
Step 2
  1. Paper clip the folded paper together.
  2. Hold the paper firmly.
  3. Cut around the outline of theperson.
  4. Do NOT cut along the folds.
  5. Do NOT cut along the bottom.

Step 3
  1. Open the folded paper.
  2. Use markers and construction paper to dress the people according to the season.
    - Is it hot, warm, cool or cold?
    - How do your clothes change in each season?
    - What details do you see on different pieces of clothing?
  3. Add details to bring the people to life.
  4. Write 2 things about each season to show how they change.
    - How much sunlight is there?
    - How does the temperature change?
    - What is the weather like?
  5. Add details at the bottom of each section to show seasonal changes.
    - What does the ground look like?
    - Are there animals around?
    - What happens to plants?
Step 4
  1. Choose a colour of construction paper that contrasts with the colours in your folded paper.
  2. Glue your finished paper to the construction paper.
Step 5
  1. Accordion fold the pages of your book.
  2. Fold it into a polyhedron and tape it in place.
Illustrated Crayon Character