Folding Dog Card

Send a bouncy bark to your favourite someone with this folding cardstock dog craft using Crayola markers, school glue, and more.

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  • Crayola Markers
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Crayola Washable Glue
  • Cardstock
  • Craft Knife
  • Pencil

CIY Staff Tips:


Step 1

Sketch out two half circle shapes, one long, one short on a piece of cardstock with a pencil. Cut out the half circles, and create a rectangle by cutting a second piece of cardstock in half.

Step 2

With adult assistance, cut a small slit in the rectangular piece of cardstock.

Step 3

Using Crayola Washable Glue, attach the half-circle shapes to the rectangle.

Step 4

Draw two eyes with a pencil on a white piece of cardstock. Cut out.

Step 5

Draw details on the dog’s face with a Crayola Marker.

Step 6

Sketch out dog ears with a pencil on a new piece of cardstock about the size of your card. Cut out the ears and decorate with Crayola Markers.

Step 7

On a final piece of cardstock, sketch out the dog’s tongue and cut out.

Step 8

Glue the tongue to the back of the ear shape using Crayola Washable Glue.

Step 9

Fold the ears and slip the tongue through the slot on the back of the card.

Step 10

Write message and deliver your card!

  • Occasion:

    • Birthday,

    • Rainy Day Crafts

  • Age:

    • 6+,

    • 8+,

    • Tween+

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