Brand Essence:

The Crayola brand essence clearly defines what Crayola means to our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves.

We believe that What if?” is the greatest question in the world, a question that makes the impossible permissible. It’s also a question that helps Crayolians think more like kids – our #1 consumer.

At Crayola, our purpose is to help parents and educators raise creatively-alive kids. We want to help kids ask those what if?” questions that keep them curious.

So, our goal is to free the What If?” questions in kids’ minds.

How do we do that? 

First, by believing that we can help unleash the originality in every child. We believe that before a life can be filled with knowledge, wisdom, and accomplishment, it must be filled with wonder, adventure, and daydreams. Before children can learn to think for themselves they must first be free to express what they’re thinking. We believe in unleashing, nurturing, and celebrating the colourful originality in every child. 

Second, by offering tools that inspire kids to express what they’re thinking. Crayola products give colorful wings to the invisible things that grow in the hearts and minds of children. We offer colours that inspire and tools that transform original thoughts into visible form.

Finally, to create products that will help kids free their what if?” questions, Crayolians need to be kid-inspired. As Crayolians, we ask what would a kid do?” If we think like kids, we will create products and programs that will appeal to kids. 


Because creatively-alive kids blossom and grow to be inspired, original adults who, in turn, have the ability to inspire the world.

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