Employee Volunteerism

The skills, expertise, and passion of our employees bring tremendous value to community organizations serving people in need. We are committed to developing community based initiatives that support employees in civic participation through company-sponsored and personal volunteer initiatives.

CRAYOLA engages hundreds of employees in hands-on volunteer activities in the local communities where they live and work. 

To recognize and showcase the great things our employees do to enrich lives in our communities every day, we celebrate National Volunteer Recognition Week in April and hold the CRAYOLA Volunteer Recognition Event.

Community Response

At CRAYOLA, we truly care about people worldwide and we make an effort in times of local, national and international crisis to respond. We recognize this responsibility, and are committed to working with disaster relief organizations, government agencies and local communities to provide financial and product support during a disaster. 

Cash donations allow charitable organizations to fund response and recovery efforts, obtain needed goods and services locally and provide direct financial assistance to disaster survivors to meet their own needs. At times Crayola has matched employee cash donations with a gift to a disaster response organization; however it is not possible to match for every disaster that strikes. 

For more information on how you can help when disaster strikes, contact Community Engagement at Ext. 4749.

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