Snowman Handprint Ornament

Create a DIY handprint ornament with an upcycled mason jar lid and art supplies. It’s a homemade handprint ornament that’s a lasting memory!

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  • Crayola Acrylic Paint
  • Crayola Paint Brushes
  • Crayola Scissors
  • String
  • Crayola Washable Paint
  • Crayola Super Tips Markers
  • Mason Jar Lid
  • Tape

CIY Staff Tips:

  • When painting the lid of the mason jar, add an additional coat for more opaque coverage.
  • If you’d like to commemorate the year, write it at the bottom of the ornament.


Step 1

Use acrylic paint to cover the top of mason jar lid. Dry 1-2 hours.

Step 2

Use paint brush to coat fingers in white washable paint.

Step 3

Press fingers onto lid to create snowmen. Fill in any gaps with washable paint, if needed. Dry 1–2 hours.

Step 4

Add faces, hats, and more with markers.

Step 5

Turn lid over so the bottom is facing upward.

Step 6

Cut a small piece of string with scissors and loop it to create the ornament hanger.

Step 7

Tape string to back of the lid.

Step 8

Hang on your tree or around the house!

  • Occasion:

    • Christmas,

    • Holiday,

    • Winter

  • Age:

    • 4+,

    • 6+,

    • 8+

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