Sidewalk Chalk In Situ PDP

Indoor & Outdoor Chalk

Create big and bold art projects with
washability for easy and fast cleanup.

At Crayola, we think there’s no better way to spend a sunny, warm day than outside creating colourful masterpieces on the sidewalk. From simple smiley-face doodles to sophisticated princess castle renderings, there’s no limit to the imagination of a child with a pack of coloured chalk in his or her hands! Our extensive chalk collection includes not only the Crayola classics kids have loved for generations, but updated formulas that include vibrant, bold and specialty colours hat allow your child’s sidewalk artwork to pop! Online, you can always purchase best-selling Crayola sidewalk in bulk for the whole classroom as well as indoor dustless chalk solid in white, yellow and in multicoloured. Art is always made easy with fun chalk and supplies from Crayola!

Illustrated Crayon Character