Since I’m not located in the United States or Canada, what international location should I contact?

Crayola products are sold through a network of distributors and retail store locations. If you are not from the United States or Canada, please contact the office located nearest to you: 


Africa, Middle East, Russia, South Africa & European countries (not listed separately)

CrayolaHolly Ann Lee — HLee@​crayola.​com
Asia (if country is not listed separately) Crayola

Yvonne Lam — ylchan@​crayola.​com

Money Yap — myap@​crayola.​com

AustraliaCrayola Australia





BangladeshCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com


+31 (0)38444 3093

CambodiaCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
ChinaCrayola China

Sophia Yang — syang@​crayola.​com



+33 (0) 1 410654 54





+31 (0)38444 3093

Hong KongCrayolaKiwi Lee -klee@​crayola.​com
IndiaCrayolaHolly Ann Lee — HLee@​crayola.​com
IndonesiaCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com


0800389 6238


ItalyCrayola Italy
Kiwi Lee — klee@​crayola.​com
KoreaCrayolaKiwi Lee — klee@​crayola.​com
LaosCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
Latin America: Bermuda, Caribbean, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Island, Central America & South America



+31 (0)38444 3093

MalaysiaCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
MaldivesCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
MexicoCrayola Mexico


018007178 222



+33 (0) 1 410654 54

MongoliaCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
MyanmarCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
NepalCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
Netherlands (the)

+31 (0)38444 3093

Nordic Region: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden 
New ZealandCrayola Australia


1800657 353
PakistanCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
PhilippinesCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com


PortugalCrayola Italy
SingaporeCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
SpainCrayola Italy
Sri LankaCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
TaiwanCrayolaKiwi Lee — klee@​crayola.​com
ThailandCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com
United KingdomVivid/​Goliath UK 

0800389 6238

VietnamCrayolaJoanna Chang — Jchan2@​crayola.​com

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Popular Questions

While the marker barrel and cap are recyclable, not all parts of the marker are. Because the marker components are securely sealed during the manufacturing process, we don’t recommend trying to remove the marker nib and reservoir. The marker caps can be recycled at facilities that accept #5 plastic. 

Crayola offers an innovative program called ColorCycle that converts old markers into energy as well as wax compounds for asphalt and roofing shingles. The process repurposes the entire marker, regardless of the different kinds of plastics or how they are assembled. You can learn more about this program and all of Crayola’s other environmental initiatives at www​.cray​ola​.com/​c​o​l​o​r​cycle.

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There are no plans for a United Way sale in 2023. Crayola Canada continues to develop alternatives to support the United Way. 

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Crayola Canada’s community relations program supports non-profit organizations located across Canada, with an emphasis on the arts and education. 

How To Apply 

Requests for donations must be submitted on your organization’s letterhead with your contact information by email, fax, or mail. If sending your request by email, you will receive an automatic reply acknowledging that your email has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation within 5 business days, please call Amanda Pascoe at Crayola Canada. 

Phone Number: 1.800.342.6534 ext. 2252 or 1.705.324.6105 ext 2252
Fax Number:1.705.324.3511

Mailing Address:

Crayola Canada
Donations Department
P.O. Box 120
15 Mary St. West
Lindsay, Ontario
Attn: Amanda Pascoe

What To Include 

We ask that you include the following required information in your letter:

  • Date of your event
  • If you require confirmation earlier than one month prior to your event, please provide us with a time frame needed to receive a response.
  • Details of your event
  • Shipping Address
  • Telephone and fax number, if we need to contact you
  • Contact person’s name, phone or fax number, and email address
  • What you would like to receive – i.e., door prize, art supplies for craft area, etc.

Please be advised that it may take up to three weeks for your request to

be reviewed. Only organizations selected to receive a donation will be


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Our CRAYOLA themed retail stores are located in Easton, Pennsylvania; Orlando, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kansas City, Missouri; Plano, Texas; and Chandler, Arizona. We have six Crayola Store locations! The first is located inside our tour center building in Easton, Pennsylvania on the first floor. A visit to The Crayola Store is a must for those finishing their tour of The Crayola Experience. This store is open during regular Crayola Experience operating hours. Admission to the Crayola Experience is not necessary for shopping at the Crayola Store. For more information, call 610.515.8000. The second is located in our Orlando, Florida tour center, right inside The Florida Mall! This store is open during regular Crayola Experience operating hours. Admission to the Crayola Experience is not necessary for shopping at the Crayola Store. For more information, call 407.7571700. The third is located in our Minneapolis, Minnesota tour center, right inside The Mall of America! It’s the only place in the world where the magic of Crayola comes to life. This store is open during regular Crayola Experience operating hours. Admission to the Crayola Experience is not necessary for shopping at the Crayola Store. For more information, call 952.851.5800. The fourth is located in our Plano, Texas tour center. This store is open during regular Crayola Experience operating hours. Admission to the Crayola Experience is not necessary for shopping at the Crayola Store. For more information, call 469.642.2901. The fifth is located in Chandler, Arizona. This store is open during regular Crayola Experience operating hours. For more information, call 6025815370. The Crayola retail store is located at the Hallmark Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The Crayola store is owned and operated by Crown Center. For additional information, please contact our parent company, Hallmark Cards, Inc. by calling 816.398.4820 or 816.274.7500 Central Time. You can also visit them on the Internet at http://​www​.hall​mark​.com. If you’re not located near any of the above stores, Cray​ola​.ca offers convenient online shopping with a variety of items.
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Crayola® Model Magic® can be sealed once your piece is completely dry. It generally takes 24 hours to dry to the touch; 72 hours to dry completely. Once dry, an acrylic varnish can be used. We recommend testing its compatibility before applying it to a finished piece. Sealing your work will not waterproof it. Exposure to water and outdoor elements will have a negative effect on Model Magic, so we recommend displaying your sculpture indoors.

If you have additional questions, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to call or text us at 18002729652 weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time.

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We do not sponsor individuals, groups or clubs. For detailed information regarding our corporate giving guidelines, please access our Corporate Gift Giving Guidelines at;amp;n_id=68″>;n_id=68.
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Crayola® Play Sand is an official licensed product manufactured by Covia Holdings Corporation. Covia Holdings Corporation is equipped to handle your requests and may be contacted as follows:

Covia Holdings Corporation (formerly Mineral Visions)
400 Riverview Drive 
Suite 302 
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Customer Service email address: customerservice@​coviacorp.​com
Customer Service phone:1 – 800-2557263 ext 39230
Weekdays: 9:00 am — 4:00 pm EST

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All CRAYOLA Crayons are made from paraffin wax and colour pigment. The crayons vary slightly in weight due to the amount of colour pigment added to produce a particular colour as well as the density of the powder pigment itself. Certain colour pigments are very light while other pigments are very dense. It would not be accurate, however, to say that all dark crayons are heavier than other colours. You can test this by doing an experiment to see which Crayola Crayons float and which will sink.

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