FALL LEAVES – Colour, Contrast, Movement

Students create overlapping stencil prints of fall leaves using water and warm or cool coloured washable markers.

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FALL LEAVES – Colour, Contrast, Movement


  • Crayola Washable Markers
  • Crayola Painting Paper - 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm (9" x 12")
  • Small Sponges - about 10 cm x 13 cm (4" x 5")
  • Water Containers
  • Paper Towels
  • Laminated Leaves
  • Masking Tape


Step 1
  1. Laminate a variety of leaves.
  2. Trim the edges.
  3. Leave a small border around the edge so the laminate won't separate.
Step 2
  1. Roll a small piece of masking tape into a loop with the sticky side facing out.
  2. Stick the tape loop to the back of a leaf.
  3. Stick the leaf to the paper.
Step 3
  1. Draw some marker ink on the leaf.
    - Make sure the colour is on the leaf, NOT the paper.
Step 4
  1. Dip a small sponge into the water to get it wet.
  2. Squeeze out some of the water.
  3. Drag the damp sponge over the inked shape and onto the paper.
  4. Notice how the water makes the marker ink flow onto your paper.
  5. Gently remove the leaf.
  6. Repeat this process with a different leaf.
  7. Explore what happens when you use different colours and different amounts of water.
Step 5
  1. Look at your prints.
  2. Notice how the amount of water you used changes the way the ink looks.
    - What happens when you use lots of water?
    - What happens when you use less water?
    - How much water do you need to use to get the perfect print?
    - What happens to the colours when they overlap?
    - What happens to the shapes when they overlap?
Step 6
  1. Use what you have learned to create a leaf design that includes:
    - at least 3 different kinds of leaves;
    - different warm or cool colours;
    - overlapping shapes;
    - a composition that moves the viewer's eye through the picture plane.
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