Easter Egg Ornaments

Create DIY Easter Egg Ornaments out of Model Magic and hang them around the house or on your Easter tree!

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  • Crayola Model Magic
  • Crayola Markers
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Crayola Glitter Glue
  • Crayola Model Magic Shape N Cut Tools or Rolling Pin
  • Paper Clips
  • Egg-shaped Cookie Cutter
  • String

CIY Staff Tips:


Step 1

Using shape n’ cut tools, roll out Model Magic about 1/2” thick on a smooth, flat surface.

Step 2

Use an egg-shaped cookie cutter to create ornaments on the Model Magic.

Step 3

Experiment by twisting Model Magic colours together for a marbleized look or adding small Model Magic dots to your eggs.

Step 4

Have an adult create a small hole close to the top of your egg shape with a paper clip.

Step 5

Once the ornament has dried overnight, decorate with markers and glitter glue.

Step 6

Cut a piece of string, loop it through the hole in the ornament, and tie a knot using both ends of the string.

Step 7

Hang your Easter Egg Ornaments around your home or on your Easter tree!

  • Occasion:

    • Easter,

    • Spring

  • Age:

    • 4+,

    • 6+,

    • 8+

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