What was the first crayon colour produced?

In 1900, prior to the introduction of Crayola Crayons, we produced black marking crayons. These crayons were created with dry carbon black and different waxes. Today these are known as Staonal brand Marking Crayons and are used in many industrial settings.

The first box of Crayola Crayons was produced in 1903 as an 8‑count box. It sold for a nickel and contained the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black. Click here to view the History of Crayola Timeline.

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Throughout Crayola’s history, several crayon colours have been retired, marking significant moments in the evolution of our vibrant palette. 

For the first time in Crayola history eight colours were retired and placed in the Crayola Hall of Fame: blue gray, green blue, lemon yellow, maize, orange red, orange yellow, raw umber, and violet blue. 

Eight new colours were added: cerulean, dandelion, fuchsia, jungle green, royal purple, teal blue, vivid tangerine, and wild strawberry. 

Celebrating a century of bringing colour to the world, Crayola introduced four new colours named by Crayola fans! To make room for the new hues, we bid farewell to blizzard blue, magic mint, mulberry, and teal blue. 

The four new colours that were introduced are: inchworm, jazzberry jam, mango tango, and wild blue yonder. 

Kudos to our hue heroes – the consumers who voted in the Save the Shade” campaign, ensuring burnt sienna stayed in the pack. 

To mark National Crayon Day on March 31st, we announced Dandelion was leaving the pack. To honor this iconic colour, we sent Dandelion on a retirement tour to his favorite places. His replacement, Bluetiful, was announced on May 52017.

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Because Crayola Marker components are securely sealed during the manufacturing process, we don’t recommend trying to remove the marker nib and reservoir to recycle the barrel. The marker caps can be recycled at facilities that accept #5 plastic. 

Green is more than just a colour to us! Click here to learn more about Crayola’s sustainability initiatives.

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Troubleshooting Tips Make sure your device is on the supported list – Cray​ola​.com/​a​p​p​check Be sure you have the latest version of the app by checking the app store associated with your device. Your device must have a rear facing camera in order to properly scan a colouring page. This app only works with Crayola Colour Alive Action Colouring Pages. An internet connection is required to use all of the features in this app. If you are using a public or business internet connection, security settings may prevent the app from functioning properly. The app is quite large in size, make sure you have ample space on your device to run properly If the Crayola Colour Alive appears to be running slow, trying closing out apps that are running in the background on your device. Tips for Colouring Success Using a lot of dark colours, especially close together on the page may make character recognition difficult. Character recognition works best if backgrounds are lighter in colour, or are not coloured in at all Colour recognition works best if there aren’t too many scribbles or interference with the character outlines. Tips for Scanning Success The app works best in a well-lit area. Hold your device parallel to the coloured page when scanning. Try and hold your device steady during page scanning. Make sure you can see the entire colouring page on your device’s screen. Quick movements may cause the character to disappear. If this happens, tap the refresh button, or bring the page into your view screen and tap the 4D button again. Having Problems? The following FAQ may help: I launch the app, but it appears stuck on the logo screen. Sometimes it takes a while for the app to load and open up. Wait a few minutes and if nothing appears on screen. Check to see that your device is supported. If your device is on the supported list and you still see nothing on screen. You might have a memory issue that’s affecting the app performance. Try closing any open apps and then re-launching Crayola Colour Alive. I scanned my colouring page, but don’t see the 4D buttons. Make sure the full page is visible on the screen of your device. Move your device closer or further away from the page and let the camera re-focus each time. If that doesn’t work, try moving to a well-lit area to help the camera better see the details on the page. If the 4D buttons still do not appear, check to make sure that your internet connection is working. Note: This feature requires an active internet connection to work properly. I scanned my colouring page, and the character I see on screen is popping in and out. Quick movements may cause the character to disappear. If this happens, tap the refresh button, or bring the page into your view screen and tap the 4D button again. You might have a memory issue that’s affecting the app performance. Try closing any open apps and then re-launching Crayola Colour Alive. I can’t get the Special Effect colour to work. Follow these steps: Open the camera on your device. Lay your special effect crayon/​marker on a flat surface with the names of all three colours facing up. Bring your device close to the crayon/​marker so that it fills most of the screen. If the image seems blurry, you may be too close, try moving your device away slowly to allow the camera to re-focus. As soon as the app recognizes the text of the crayon name, a message appears telling you that the effect has been unlocked. If this does not happen in a few seconds, rotate the crayon slowly to make sure all three names are in the view screen. Or, try moving to a well-lit area to help the camera see the details. If the message still does not pop up, check to make sure your internet connection is working. Note: for Crayola Colour Alive app versions 1.3 and higher, scanning the special effect colour is no longer necessary. All special effects colours are unlocked upon starting the app. My Device is No Longer Compatible or is Not Compatible Due to the nature of the technology that powers Crayola Colour Alive, we are only able to support devices that meet certain specifications. Some older and less capable devices are unable to deliver the experience reliably. If you use a device with low memory(RAM), the app may close unexpectedly. If you use a device with low quality cameras without auto-focus, you may experience difficulty scanning colouring pages. If you use a device with a single-core processor, the app will perform slowly. The list of compatible devices can be found at http://​www​.cray​ola​.com/​a​p​p​check. We hope to be able to expand the list of compatible devices in the future. For additional assistance, call us at 1 – 800-CRAYOLA1-800-CRAYOLA FREE weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time.
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It’s glow time! We have some tips to help you get the best results from Crayola Glow Fusion.

  1. The Glow Fusion technology is a marker-paper system. The paper and marker set combined work together to give your masterpieces up to four hours of glow time. 
  2. Protect your work surfaces. Glow Fusion Markers are not washable. 
  3. When the markers (activated or not) are not in use, cap and lay them flat in the marker tray to prevent leaking. 
  4. For the brightest glow effect, use the markers promptly after activating. 
  5. To activate the markers: 
    • Bend the marker barrel at the star points to crack the glow capsules. 
    • Shake the capped marker for 5 seconds.
    • Remove the cap and hold the marker tip down until it glows. 
  6. Turn off the lights to see your art shine at its brightest! 

Need a visual? 

  • Scan the QR code on the box or check out the video here.

Want to keep the creative fun glowing?

  • Check for Glow Fusion Marker Colouring Sets in the Crayola aisle at retail stores or your favorite online shopping sites. 
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You can find our Canadian catalogue as a quick link in the footer of our website. 

For product shopping please visit our online store at Cray​ola​.ca

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To remove crayon stains from a dryer drum, spray a soft cloth with WD-40 and wipe the drum. Next, remove any WD-40 residue by washing the dryer drum with warm soapy water. Then run a load of dry rags through a regular drying cycle. Please bear in mind, all the stain removal suggestions we offer have been tested in our laboratory, but we are unable to guarantee the results. We recommend you test our suggestion in an inconspicuous area first. Additional stain removal information can be found at http://​www​.cray​ola​.com/​s​u​p​p​o​r​t​/​s​t​a​i​n​-​t​i​p​s​-​l​a​n​d​i​n​g​/​c​r​a​y​o​n​s​-​r​e​g​u​l​a​r​/​c​r​a​y​o​n​s​-​r​e​g​u​l​a​r​-​o​n​-​f​a​b​r​i​c​s​f​r​e​s​h​-​s​t​a​i​n​s​h​e​a​t​s​e​t​-​s​t​a​i​n​s​m​e​l​t​e​d​.aspx . If you have any further questions, please call (800) 2729652 weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time and a representative will be happy to assist you.
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The Crayola brand has been a trusted name in homes and schools for over 100 years. We have ensured that our products are safe since 1903, when we first began offering crayons. All Crayola and Silly Putty products have been evaluated by an independent toxicologist and found to contain no known toxic substances in sufficient quantities to be harmful to the human body, even if ingested or inhaled. In addition, Crayola and Silly Putty art materials carry the Art and Creative Materials Institute’s (ACMI) APPROVED PRODUCT (AP) seal, which indicates these products meet or exceed specific quality standards. If needed, your physician may contact the local poison control center for assistance in obtaining product ingredient information. It is possible for an individual to have a sensitivity to a particular ingredient, just as one could have a sensitivity to a certain food. All Crayola formulas are compared against a list of common allergens to identify any possible sensitivities. For more information about our commitment to safety, please visit http://www.crayola.com/about-us/product-safety.aspx”>http://www.crayola.com/about-us/product-safety.aspx. If we can provide further assistance, please call (800) 2729652 weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time.
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Crayola is the manufacturer of high quality creative experience products and fine artist materials, marketed primarily under the Crayola and Silly Putty brand names. Our business is diversified in order to broaden our consumer base to encompass various age groups. Our business is divided into three major categories: 1.Products sold to retail stores through traditional distribution chains. 2.Products sold to schools, educational distributors, office supply retailers and specialty markets. 3.Products sold overseas through our international division. Each of our three major divisions develops strategies for approaching a certain market based on the target user or purchaser, where the product is sold and the location of the product in the retail store. We are sorry to disappoint you, however, we are unable to provide specific information regarding our marketing strategies and advertising practices due to its proprietary nature. Additional media and marketing information can be found by visiting Media Center.
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