Relay Race

Relay Race

  • 1.

    With an adult, choose a large, outdoor paved area that is clean, safe, and free from traffic.

  • 2.

    Decide where to locate the relay starting points and turnaround areas. With a Sidewalk Paint Sprayer, mark two identical relay courses side by side. Make them as interesting as possible. Spray wide and narrow paths. Create slaloms or places to jump across. Draw tight curves and long straights.

  • 3.

    Design a winner’s circle to record best times with Sidewalk Chalk.

  • 4.

    Divide group into two equal teams. Players decide running order within each team. Appoint a timer for each team.

  • 5.

    All players line up behind the starting line. All chant "one, two, three, go!" to start the race.

  • 6.

    One runner from each team enters and runs the course, turns around and runs back to tag the next player. The next person may not run until tagged.

  • 7.

    The team who completes the course first wins. Identify the best individual times for both teams, too.


  • Choose a theme for the scavenger hunt such as explorers, wildlife, or woodland fairies.
  • Players could work in teams.
  • Why not have a neighborhood scavenger hunt in which several families participate? All ages enjoy these events!
  • Adults can prepare the hunt so children are surprised. List and hide items in advance.
  • For an Easter egg hunt, encourage children to decorate their collection areas to look like baskets, bird nests, rabbits, or other seasonally themes.