Watercolor Wash


Use Crayola® Watercolor Pencils to make the watercolor wash art technique, which will fill your drawing with broad areas of transparent color. Draw with the point or the side of the pencil tip, then brush clean water over the drawing, creating the watercolor wash effect.



Draw on damp paper for color that spreads and blends easily. Create vivid, broad areas of easily-blended colors with the side of the pencil tip.



Add fine details, textural effects and areas of opaque color, and further define shapes by drawing on top of the initial artwork. Dry or dampened pencils can be used on dry or wet watercolor work.

Wet Pencils


Dip a pencil into water and draw to create dots or fluid strokes of vivid color. Produce color with a textural appearance by drawing with the side of the dipped pencil.ls