Mixing Mediums

  • Crayola® Mixing Mediums add various effects to most water-based paints, including, tempera and watercolors. Try Pearl It!, Glitter It! and Texture it! to enhance painted or sculpted surfaces with interesting textures.
  • Washable from skin and most fabrics.

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Rough Texture

Mix Crayola® Texture It! Mixing Medium and Crayola® Tempera Paint on a mixing tray or paper plate.  Apply paint to a flat surface or a sculpted surface such as Crayola® Air-Dry Clay or papier-mâché.  Air-dry the paint. Add another coat of Texture It! for a rougher look. Experiment with thick circular brush strokes to create a rougher stucco look or smoother wider strokes for a stone-like look.

Sparkly Metallic Finish

Use Crayola® Glitter It! by itself on a flat surface or a sculpted surface to create a sparkly metallic-like finish. Use a brush to apply medium to any non-greasy surface such as cardboard or Crayola® Air-Dry Clay. Apply more coats to add more luster.

Sparkling Water or Night Sky


Decorate a previously painted area by overpainting the dry surface with fine dots or lines. Try creating dots by dipping the tip of a brush handle into paint and then onto the painted surface. This technique is usually more successful if the overpainting is a deeper color than the underpainting.

Sparkle and Pearl Mono-Print


Make a mono-print (a one-of-a-kind art print) using Crayola Model Magic® to create a textured surface. Flatten Model Magic® with a rolling pin or side of a marker to the thickness you want. Use the top of a marker cap or a straw to indent the surface of the Model Magic. With a paintbrush, gently apply Crayola® Glitter It! or Crayola® Pearl It! over the textured surface making sure to get the paint into all the crevices. Take a piece of colored construction paper and carefully lay it on top of the coated, textured surface. Gently rub your hand over the surface. Peel the paper up and see the beautiful design left behind.  Let this dry before applying another paint product.

Oyster Enamel


Use Crayola® Pearl It! to create an oyster-like enamel finish on any non-greasy surface. To create the pearlescent finish, first apply Crayola® Tempera paint and let dry. Apply Crayola® Pearl It! over painted surface. Apply a second coat for softer muted undertones.