Crayola® crayons are versatile coloring instruments that allow many creative possibilities. They have enjoyed continued popularity since the turn of the century because of their brilliance, consistent high quality, economic value, ease of use and availability.

Specialty crayons, including fabric, metallic and washable, have been developed to satisfy crayon enthusiasts with specific needs. For example, fabric crayons were designed to meet the needs of those who want to produce permanent art on wearables and other fabric items.

While crayons are typically the first drawing instruments tried by children, this medium can be used with increasing sophistication as the individual matures.

Creative Coloring

Creative Coloring demonstrates the different techniques that can be used to create artwork with crayons.

Crayons with Paint

Crayon artwork can be enhanced by adding paint. Try these techniques to create different effects.

Crayons with Labels Off

These techniques demonstrate artwork that can be created with the crayon labels torn off.

Melted Crayons

Artwork can be created by melting crayons or using Fabric Crayons, which melts crayons to fabric surfaces.