Wild & Smelly Mobile

Wild & Smelly Mobile craft

Dragon Drool. Belching Baboon. Freaky Phoenix. Combine the bright colors of Crayola Silly Scents™ Markers into a fun-smelling, wild-animal mobile to hang in your room!

  • 1.

    Decide what type of wild animals to include on your mobile. How about a snake or a fish? Follow a theme, such as forest animals, or combine your favorite safari animals. It’s up to you!

  • 2.

    To create a snake, cut a paper plate into a spiral with Crayola Scissors. Start on the edge and just keep cutting around in circles until you get to the middle. The center is the snake’s head.

  • 3.

    Decorate your snake using the fabulous colors and smells of Crayola Silly Scents™ Markers. Use your imagination and nose. The animals in the picture are similar to traditional Oaxacan creatures from Mexico. The designs are very bright and jazzy. What does a snake smell like? Enchanted Forest? or Witch’s Brew? Punch a hole in snake’s head and hang it with a ribbon.

  • 4.

    Add more smelly animals to your mobile. To make a fish cut out an oval body and a triangle for a fin. Glue them together with Crayola School Glue. Air-dry the glue.

  • 5.

    Color your fish in a tropical pattern, maybe with Abominable Snowman and Scary Movie. Punch holes and hang with ribbon along with your snake. Add as many scented animals as you like. The more the smellier!