Wandering Hopscotch

Wandering Hopscotch craft

Ready to play Hopscotch with a new twist? Try El Peregrino (The Wanderer), a version of this popular game played in Panama.

  • 1.

    Ask an adult to help you find a safe, large outdoor area on which to paint your Hopscotch grid like the one that kids in Panama use. They call the game El Peregrino. Can you figure out why?

  • 2.

    For best results, Crayola® Sidewalk Paints are designed for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. Test a small area to make sure the paint does not stain. Use on surfaces at least 6 months old. Make sure you ask permission before you paint.

  • 3.

    Use your Sidewalk Paints and the 4-inch roller in the kit to paint a giant El Peregrino rectangle.

  • 4.

    Use the Crayola So Big Brush from the kit to mark off two smaller rectangles within the larger one. Make one rectangle at the top and another at the bottom. Label the bottom rectangle with a big 1 and the top one with a 6.

  • 5.

    Now divide the square in the middle of the grid into four equal triangles. Label them 2 (bottom), 4 (left side), 5 (top), and 3 (right side).

  • 6.

    You’re ready to play, so find a friend. Each player needs a small marker, such as a stone.

  • 7.

    To begin, all players stand inside the first square and toss their stones toward rectangle 6. The player who lands on 6 first begins the game.

  • 8.

    The first player gently kicks the stone into rectangle 1 with their hopping foot. Hop into the rectangle. Play continues the same way for triangles 2 and 3. Players who touch a line with a stone or their foot are out.

  • 9.

    When the player gets to 4, she or he calls "rest" and places the other foot in 3.

  • 10.

    After a rest, the player continues until reaching 6 and then starts back toward rectangle 1. The player may call "rest" again on 4.

  • 11.

    Any player who has not touched a line with a stone or foot may play another round. The game continues until only one player is left. This makes a great game of solitaire, too! How many times can you wander through the grid without having to start over? 12

  • 12.

    Wash off the Sidewalk Paint after 2 weeks. To remove, wash surface with the water pressure from a garden hose. Light brushing with a broom or nylon brush may be necessary to remove some paint.