Udder Under--Milk Cow

Udder Under--Milk Cow craft

Cows are "udderly" wonderful creatures who provide delicious and nutritious milk. Use your hand to draw your very own cow!

  • 1.

    Do you know where milk comes from? You buy it in a carton at the store, but how does it get there? Cows make the milk that goes into the carton. Here's one way to draw your own milking cow.

  • 2.

    Using Crayola Color Wonder™ Markers, draw a big picture of a cow on Color Wonder™ Paper.

  • 3.

    Underneath a female cow is an udder, a large bag that holds the cow's milk. The udder is at the tail end of the cow. Farmers get the milk out of cows' udders by using a milking machine to gently pull and squeeze on the four teats that hang down from the udder.

  • 4.

    To draw an udder and teats on your cow, place your hand on top of your picture so that four of your fingers extend down, below the cow's belly. Trace around your four fingers with the markers. You now have an "udderly" wonderful milk cow!