Together in T-Shirts

Together in T-Shirts craft

Designing t-shirts together at a family reunion or summer barbecue is not only fun, but also makes a great keepsake to commemorate the occasion! This craft brings everyone closer as creative talents are pooled together.

  • 1.

    Before your get-together, use the Crayola Cutter to make a stencil for everyone to trace in the center of the t-shirt. The stencil might be the family name, a picnic slogan, or other design. Having the same slogan or design on every t-shirt will give all of the t-shirts a uniform look so everyone will feel like part of a team! Cut several stencils for everyone to share.

  • 2.

    Plan ahead to be sure everyone has a t-shirt. Craft stores are a great place to pick up t-shirts at reasonable prices. Gather sizes ahead of time to be sure you have enough t-shirts or ask everyone to bring a plain 100% cotton T-shirt.

  • 3.

    At your event, cover tables with recycled newspaper or old plastic tablecloths. Put newspaper inside each t-shirt so the colors do not bleed through to the other side.

  • 4.

    TIP: Placing a piece of sandpaper inside the t-shirt—over the newspaper—holds the fabric in place so you can draw more easily!

  • 5.

    Use masking tape to secure t-shirts to the table top. TIP: The tighter you pull the fabric, the easier it is to draw on it.

  • 6.

    Design the t-shirts. Use the stencils to trace the slogan in the center of your t-shirt.

  • 7.

    Practice creating personal doodles using Crayola Fabric Markers on doodle paper. Everyone can create a theme doodle or a doodle representing him or herself. Making the doodle personal will make every t-shirt special.

  • 8.

    Use Crayola Fabric Markers to add your doodle to each t-shirt. Draw it in the same place using the same colors on every t-shirt. Make sure you saturate the cloth as you draw. Note that Crayola® Fabric Markers stain clothing and surfaces, CLOSE ADULT SUPER

  • 9.

    Stain Advisement: Fabric markers are permanent on clothing and contain colorants that may stain household surfaces. Wear a smock to protect clothing and cover your work surface. Recap markers as soon as possible and store in a horizontal position. Do not

  • 10.

    When you are finished, ask an adult to iron your design. Set iron on cotton setting and iron on the reverse side using a back and forth motion for 4 minutes. Or place garment in the dryer for 30 minutes on the hottest setting. This will fix the color to t

  • 11.

    Invite everyone to put on their t-shirts for a photograph!