Snowboard Slalom

Snowboard Slalom craft

Capture action in the exciting, extreme sport of snowboarding! Make great snow scenes with Crayola® Gel Markers using pointillism.

  • 1.

    Snowboarding has only been around for 36 years! A dad in Michigan, Sherman Poppen, tied two skis together with a rope for his daughter to use in the snow and the "snurfer" was created. Lots of people snowboard, which is tons of fun!

  • 2.

    The two main events for snowboarding are the halfpipe (with twists, turns, and jumps) and the giant slalom (boarding down a course as fast as you can.) Watch tapes, or visit a resort to find out how it's done.

  • 3.

    On light blue construction paper, sketch your snowboarder on a mountain's giant slalom or halfpipe with Crayola Gel Markers. Capture the athlete's body language and movement.

  • 4.

    Fill in your picture using pointillism, an art technique made famous by French Impressionist artists. Pointillist pictures are made of dots of color, with points of light spaced together to create shape, form, and dimension. Use different colors to make s