Sidewalk Chalk Challenge

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge craft

Use your favorite Crayola Outdoor products to create a sidewalk full of fun and games for your next party, picnic, or neighborhood play day!

  • 1.

    Think of some favorite games you like to play. Brainstorm ideas for turning each sidewalk square into a different challenge. Use your favorite Crayola Outdoor products to create each game board. Then invite your friends to join your Sidewalk Chalk Challenge. Some ideas to try:

  • 2.

    For the Pinecone Paths challenge you’ll need Crayola Sidewalk Chalk and some pinecones or pebbles from outside. When you say, "GO", your friend tosses the pinecones onto the sidewalk. Your challenge is to draw one long line with loops around every single pinecone. Use a watch to time each other to see who can do it fastest. Or set a time limit (20 seconds) to see how many pinecones your friend can trace around. One pinecone equals one point. Write your points on an empty sidewalk square with Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. And don’t forget to check out the cool design that’s left behind. You can even add patterns and other designs to this square!

  • 3.

    How fast can you Buzz the Buds? Draw 10 different flowers on one or more sidewalk squares using Crayola Sidewalk Crayons. Use plastic lids to trace the parts of your flowers! Be a bee (and don’t forget to buzz) to see how fast you can visit every single flower, stepping only from flower to flower, not between them. Your friends can count the seconds and keep a watch to be sure you don’t miss any. For an even harder challenge – add more flowers!

  • 4.

    Play Star Power! Ask an adult to help find a safe, large area. Ask permission before you paint. Use Crayola Sidewalk Chalk and Sidewalk Paint to design stars all over your driveway or sidewalk. Write a number on each star with chalk. Toss pebbles onto the

  • 5.

    For best results, Crayola Sidewalk Paints are designed for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. After application, allow paint to dry completely. To remove, wash surface with the water pressure from a garden hose. Light brushing with a broom or nylon brush may be necessary to remove some paint. Paints wash from skin with soap and water. Normal laundering procedures remove stains from most cotton, polyester, acrylic fabrics, and their blends. For best results, wash immediately in hot water. Do not use pre-wash products as they may set stains. Severe staining may require repeat laundering or all-fabric bleach.