Rocket Flyers

Rocket Flyers craft

Launch your kids into science that is out of this world as they make their own rockets. The countdown to fun and learning begins while they construct their rocket flyers and continues as they fly them high.

  • 1.

    Ask an adult to help you cut the cardboard tubes. You will need one tube that is about as long as your forearm and two others half that size.

  • 2.

    Spread newspaper on a flat work surface and use Crayola® Washable Kid's Paint and Crayola Paint Brushes to paint the larger cardboard tube a light color like white or yellow. Stand the tube on end to dry.

  • 3.

    Securely cover one end of each of the two smaller tubes with masking tape. Place a marble-sized lump of Crayola Modeling Clay in each tube and securely cover the other end of each tube with more masking tape (the weight will make your rocket fly faster). Paint the smaller tubes with a different color such as red, then stand them on end to dry.

  • 4.

    When the tubes are dry, Use Crayola School Glue to hold the two smaller tubes side by side, which makes the rocket engines.

  • 5.

    After the glue has dried, place the connected tubes flat on your work surface. Then glue the larger tube to one end of the connected tubes. Glue the straw to the other end of the larger tube.

  • 6.

    After everything has dried, finish decorating your rocket with Crayola Washable Markers. Draw portholes or astronauts. Print the name of your rocket on each side. Add a flag for your country or make up your own flag.

  • 7.

    Have an adult help you poke a hole at the top of your rocket. Tie one end of your string or yarn through the hole of your rocket.

  • 8.

    To fly your rocket (outdoors only, please), run string or yarn through the straw. Have a friend hold one end of the string or yarn and you hold the other. Experiment with pulling and pushing your rocket flyer across the string to the opposite end to make