Queen Bee Jump Rope Game

Queen Bee Jump Rope Game craft

Paint a giant flower and hive on which the Queen Bee and her Workers play. This fun-filled game combines tag, follow the leader, and jump rope.

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    This jump rope game called Queen Bee is a challenging workout and a fun game all rolled into one! Ask an adult to help you find a safe, large area of concrete or asphalt, such as a sidewalk or driveway that is at least 6 months old. Ask permission before you paint with your Crayola® Washable Sidewalk Paint Kit. Test a small area to make sure the paint does not stain.

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    With the Crayola So Big Brush and paint roller included in your kit, paint a giant flower with at least 6 large petals. Make the petals big enough for two or more people to move in the space. Make each petal a different color. A few feet away from the flower, paint a hive for the Worker Bee(s). Air-dry before playing.

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    Paints wash from skin with soap and water. Normal laundering procedures remove stains from most cotton, polyester, acrylic fabrics, and their blends. For best results, wash immediately in hot water. Do not use pre-wash products as they may set stains. Severe staining may require repeat laundering or all-fabric bleach.

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    While the paint dries, find at least four players. Before you begin to play, players decide which action the Queen Bee will perform on each flower petal. For example, on the yellow petal, the Queen could sing "Row, Row Your Boat" while pretending to paddl

  • 5.

    To play this jump rope game, two people turn the rope, and the other players become Queen Bees, and Worker Bees. (If you made a large playing area and have more than four players, you may have more than one Queen and Worker. However, the Worker must always follow only one Queen Bee.)

  • 6.

    The object of this game is for the Worker Bee to copy the actions of the Queen Bee while trying to catch up with and tag the Queen. The rope turners stand near either side of the flower. The Queen may enter and leave the rope jumping as she or he wishes.

  • 7.

    When the Queen leaves the jump rope for a painted petal, she or he must perform the required action, then try to return to jumping rope. When the Queen leaves the rope, that is the signal for the Worker Bee to leave the hive, jump through the rope, and go

  • 8.

    When a Worker Bee catches the Queen, their roles reverse. You may also change the activities in each petal as you wish. Rope turners also take turns in other roles.

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    You may play your game over and over. Remove paint after 2 weeks, if rain has not already washed it away. Wash surface with the water pressure from a garden hose. Light brushing with a broom or nylon brush may be necessary to remove some paint. Paint a ne