Pop Art-venture

Pop Art-venture craft

Throw yourself back to the 60s with Pop Art! Let your whimsical side stand out in bigger-than-life sculptures of everyday objects.

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    During the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, artists used familiar images from popular culture to inspire their work. Claes Oldenburg (father of "Happenings") from Sweden got famous by making gigantic everyday objects such as lipsticks and hot water bottles.

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    Pick an ordinary object such as a video game controller or a cup of hot chocolate to make into a larger-than-life sculpture in this retro style. Blend the color from Crayola Washable Markers into white Crayola Model Magic® to get the hue you want. Knead and shape your sculpture.

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    Humor is big in Pop Art, too. Why not add a touch of whimsy with chenille sticks or other collage materials? Air-dry your creation overnight. Why not start a collection?