Play With Me, Puppy

Play With Me, Puppy craft

Capture the pleasure of your puppy’s company with mess-free Crayola Color Wonder™ Paint.

  • 1.

    What’s a puppy like to be around? A blur of movement and wiggling love. Why not paint those fun feelings?

  • 2.

    On Crayola Color Wonder™ Paper, make broad strokes with a Color Wonder™ Paint-filled brush to shape your puppy’s face and ears. For fur, blot the brush to give your pooch’s coat a textured feel. Line up three big dots in a row to form paws.

  • 3.

    To add puppy-like energy and movement to your painting, outline your colorful critter using Color Wonder™ Markers. Squiggle lines around the ears, jangle lines down the face, and waggle lines around its body. Add a nose and alert eyes to your puppy’s nuzzling face. Air-dry your puppy painting before you display it on the fridge or bulletin board.