Picture-Frame Present

Picture-Frame Present craft

Decorate a plastic box frame to fill with memories! Great for camps, sports or school events, reunions, or parties. Give one as a gift!

  • 1.

    Choose a plastic box frame on which to create your picture. Come up with a theme or select the person who will receive it as a gift. Think of symbols you can use to personalize your Picture-Frame Present.

  • 2.

    Find just the right photo for the frame (or make your own drawing). Position the picture inside the frame. Attach it to the mat with a Crayola® Glue Stick. Close the frame.

  • 3.

    Decorate your frame around the picture using Crayola Gel Markers. If you chose a sports theme, for example, sketch and color athletic equipment, hats and pennants around the photo in your frame. Personalize it using your name, a team name, or a nickname. Remember, if you change your mind, just wipe your frame clean with a damp paper towel, dry it, and you are ready to begin again.

  • 4.

    Add finishing touches by decorating the raised edges of the box frame. Try inserting various colors of construction paper inside your frame to see whether a background color accentuates your artwork.