Holiday Pie Placecard Holders

Holiday Pie Placecard Holders craft

Spice up any holiday table with pretend pie placecard holders for your guests. Make apple for Mother’s Day, pumpkin for Thanksgiving, or cherry for Presidents’ Day!

  • 1.

    Plan ahead! Start your placecard holders a least a week before your event. Use a recycled tart tin for each pretend pie you create.

  • 2.

    On a plastic placemat, roll Crayola Air-Dry Clay into a circle slightly bigger than the tart tin. This will be your pretend "pie crust." Turn the tin upside down on the clay. Use a craft stick to cut a circle slightly larger than your tin. Turn the tin right side up.

  • 3.

    Press the clay inside the tin. With water and your fingers, pinch the edges. Use a craft stick to carve designs in the crust. Make a slit for the place card. Air-dry the clay for about 3 days.

  • 4.

    Cover your craft area with recycled newspaper. Take the pretend crust out of the tin. Turn it over. Use Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint to add color to the top. Air-dry the paint.

  • 5.

    Cut out construction paper name cards for each guest. Decorate cards with names and fun fall designs using Crayola Markers.

  • 6.

    Your friends and family will be delighted with your creative holiday welcome!