Hispanic Christmas Luminaria Path

Hispanic Christmas Luminaria Path craft

Create a glowing community map for this very beautiful celebration of Las Posadas. This holiday's roots go deep in Hispanic tradition.

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    The Hispanic celebration of Las Posadas begins on December 15. For 9 nights, families in hispanic communities go to a host home (a different house every night). The home represents a posada, an inn, where travelers stay. Some people go inside to be innkeepers, the others stay outside as peregrinos or pilgrims. The inn is decorated with luminaries to light the travelers' way. Special songs and recitations are performed outside until the pilgrims are invited inside for more singing and eating holiday foods.

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    Create your own replica of a Hispanic Christmas Luminaria Path. On black construction paper, draw with Crayola® Gel Markers the path that participants follow during Las Posadas. Include the nine posadas and the community church. Place lots of luminaries, and perhaps a bonfire, to light the route of the peregrinos.