Hang-It-Up Mini Mask

Hang-It-Up Mini Mask craft

Add your own fun to the clever, awesome new Crayola Ultimate Cutter™ tool. Cut a 3-D mask in your very own style!

  • 1.

    Choose a paper color to use for the base of your mask. Fold it in half vertically. Sketch half of the mask shape along the folded edge with a Crayola Colored Pencil. Pressing hard, use the Crayola Ultimate Cutter™ to cut out the face. Be sure you have the handy cutting mat under your paper!

  • 2.

    While the paper is still folded, cut out eye holes, a mouth, and half of a nose. To make the nose dimensional, cut NEAR the fold. Cut down at an angle and then over to the folded edge. When the paper is opened, slightly fold up the flap so the nose sticks out from the face.

  • 3.

    Cut out all kinds of colorful shapes to attach (with a Crayola Glue Stick) to your mask—eyebrows, ears, lips, and more! To make things stick out, leave a tab on the shape, fold it over, and glue the tab to the mask. Or cut a swirl inside a shape and pull it slightly apart like a spring.

  • 4.

    Cut and fold a small strip of paper into a loop. Glue it to the back of your mask to hang your masterpiece. Why not make a series of masks—each relating to a different culture or holiday—to hang in your own mask gallery!