Halloween Garland


Create a string of spooky bats and pumpkins to hang in your home this Halloween season! White crayon designs are magically revealed when painted over with watercolours.

  • 1.

    Draw the shape of a bat and a pumpkin on a piece of white watercolour paper with a white crayon. Use the white crayon to fill in your pumpkin with a face and the bat with wings and a face!

  • 2.

    Use Crayola watercolour paints to paint over your bats and pumpkins to reveal your design!

  • 3.

    Let your bats and pumpkins dry and cut them out.

  • 4.

    Punch holes in either side of the top edge of each pumpkin and the wings of the bat.

  • 5.

    String a piece of yarn or ribbon through your pumpkins and bats to create a garland!