Friends and Family Photo Fun

Friends and Family Photo Fun craft

Start a new tradition with your family and friends, printing one-of-a-kind coloring pages of yourselves and your favorite people! Take a photo and send it through the Crayola Lights, Camera, Color! program right here on!

  • 1.

    Take a photo with a digital camera.

  • 2.

    Download the photo from camera to computer.

  • 3.

    Upload the photo using the Lights, Camera, Color! online activity at

  • 4.

    Change your photo into a coloring page. Add captions and other embellishments if you like.

  • 5.

    Print your coloring page.

  • 6.

    Here are a fun ways to color your photo: • Try to make your coloring page look just like the original photo. Notice light areas and dark areas. Shade in areas lightly using light pressure with your crayon or colored pencil. Create dark areas by pressing