Family Game Memories

Family Game Memories craft

This is a great way for generations to get to know each other, and learn some new, or traditional, games.

  • 1.

    Fold a sheet of construction paper into quarters. Ask a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or another relative to tell you about their favorite family game. On the top half of the paper, use Crayola® Metallic Colored Pencils to write down the title and game rules.

  • 2.

    Attach a photo of the family member you interviewed at the lower left of the page with a Crayola Glue Stick.

  • 3.

    On the lower right quarter, draw a picture about the family game with Crayola Crayons.

  • 4.

    Interview several family members and make a sheet for each one.

  • 5.

    Punch a hole through the finished game sheets and string them together with yarn.