Eensy-Weensy Tracks

Eensy-Weensy Tracks craft

Let your fingertips walk like a spider! There’s no mess when you sing along while you paint spider prints with Color Wonder™ Fingerpaints.

  • 1.

    Sing "The Eensy Weensy Spider." Pretend your fingers are the spider’s legs going up the waterspout. Isn’t it fun when they get all tangled up?

  • 2.

    Dip your fingers into Color Wonder Fingerpaints. Walk them across the special Color Wonder Paper as you sing. Fill the paper with spider footprints.

  • 3.

    For even more fun, show how the spider gets washed away by the rain. Slide your hand down the paper!

  • 4.

    Air-dry your spider tracks before you hang up your picture.