Designs for a Diva

Designs for a Diva craft

Tap into your inner diva! Design fashionable, fun, and colorful surprise accessories with Crayola Color Explosion™ White.

  • 1.

    With Crayola Scissors, cut Crayola Color Explosion™ White paper into bracelets and other fun diva symbols.

  • 2.

    Use the scissors to release your diva designs. Cut out your name, the word "diva," or a star-inspired shape, for example. Make designer jeans, cool jewelry, or sunglasses fit for a fashion queen!

  • 3.

    You go girl! Use a Color Explosion Marker to decorate your designs. What kind of surprises will you discover? The magic of the markers adds to this project’s fun! Make swirls, dots, and lines. Draw flowers, words, or butterflies.

  • 4.

    If you like, use the black marker to add details, outlines, and highlights. Add all the delightful diva designs you can dream up!

  • 5.

    Tape your diva designs around your wrists, arms, on your backpack strap, or on your mirror.