Design Your Own Gift Wrap

Design Your Own Gift Wrap craft

Gift wrap paper has been used for only about 150 years. Children bring joy to any holiday with their own designs!

  • 1.

    On construction paper or newsprint, use Crayola® Metallic FX Crayons, to create your own gift wrap. Choose colors and images that represent the holiday or person who will receive the gift.

  • 2.

    One possibility for winter is to draw horizontal and vertical lines forming rows of small squares. In the first row of squares draw a small holiday object such as snowflakes. Repeat this pattern every other row. In the second row, draw another holiday object, such as holly leaves and berries, in every one of the squares. Repeat this design in every other row.

  • 3.

    Make a matching gift tag on construction paper. Use Crayola Scissors to cut it out. Punch a hole in one end. Personalize the gift tag and tie it on the package with ribbon.