Chanukah Greeting Cards

Chanukah Greeting Cards craft

Chanukah is filled with wonderful customs, foods and games! Send your holiday greetings with these festive handmade cards.

  • 1.

    Find out more about Chanukah. Learn the meaning of the holiday's symbols, such as the Menorah and dreidel. Use what you know about these symbols to make Chanukah greeting cards for friends and relatives.

  • 2.

    To make two cards, fold black construction paper lengthwise. Cut on the fold with Crayola® Scissors. Fold the papers in half again with their short sides touching.

  • 3.

    To create a Menorah card, use Crayola Metallic Colored Pencils to sketch and color the Menorah, candles, wicks, and flames on the front of the card. Cut out around the top of your drawings.

  • 4.

    To create a dreidel greeting, draw a dreidel with colored pencils and cut around the top. Use Crayola Glitter Glue to add a Hebrew letter in the middle. Dry.

  • 5.

    Write your Chanukah messages outside or inside your cards.