Bull's Eye!

Bull's Eye! craft

Draw colorful targets that pop into spectacular 3-D when you look through the 3-D glasses. Use plastic bottle caps, buttons, or other small items as markers. Try to slide, bounce, or toss your markers to score points.

  • 1.

    Use Crayola 3-D Sidewalk Chalk to draw concentric circles for bull’s eye designs on a flat, safe outdoor surface. Ask your friends to draw their own colorful designs, too. On a rainy day, you could also draw these on black paper.

  • 2.

    To create the best 3-D effects, leave a small black space showing between each chalk color. Place cool colors such as blue, purple, and green near warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange for maximum 3-D depth. Try on the glasses as you draw to see the effects.

  • 3.

    Mark playing lines a short distance away from the targets for players to stand behind. Mark a close line for younger players and another line a bit farther away for older players.

  • 4.

    For markers, you could use recycled plastic bottle caps or container lids, large buttons, or small stones, for example. Take turns bouncing, sliding, or tossing your markers onto the targets. To keep score, assign point values to the different color rings

  • 5.

    Other ideas to try: 1. Take an additional step backwards before each round to make the contest more challenging. 2. Each player gets three markers, one to slide, one to bounce, and one to toss. 3. Draw triangular or square targets. Add bonus points for landing on the corners.