Alien Scavenger Hunt

Alien Scavenger Hunt craft

This scavenger hunt challenges kids to see ordinary things through the eyes of a being from another planet. Plan ahead for a party favorite!

  • 1.

    With your family, make a list of items that scavenger hunters can collect in your home, playground, or backyard (rocks, pieces of bark, clover). Write your list with Crayola® Washable Markers.

  • 2.

    Create alien names for ordinary objects (rocks are planet base, bark is foliage flakes, clover is roundoid plants). Write those names on your list.

  • 3.

    With markers, write the list of items to be hunted on the front of white paper lunch bags. Each bag might have a different list or different quantities of each alien item. Add sketches to give clues about each item.

  • 4.

    Decorate around the list and sides of the bag. Crayola MiniStampers are great for this. Or you may want to carve an alien head into a soft eraser with a serrated plastic knife to create a stamp. Color the surface of the stamp with markers, then press on t

  • 5.

    To play the game, give each scavenger hunter a bag and the challenge to help aliens find and collect the items listed. Encourage children to work together to figure out what each item is.