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Everything you need to unleash kids' imaginations

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  1. glue sticks

    Glue Sticks, 2 ct

    Glue goes on blue and dries clear!

  2. Crayola® Washable Fingerpaint, 32-oz. Plastic Squeeze Bottle

    Round Paint Brushes

    Versatile, all-purpose round paintbrushes

  3. Puzzle Stamping Kit

    My First Crayola Puzzle Stamping Kit

    Children can sort through the stampers and learn to create proper animal pictures or mix and match them to create silly

  4. Crayola® Washable Fingerpaint, 32-oz. Plastic Squeeze Bottle

    Flat Paint Brushes

    Versatile, all-purpose flat paintbrushes

  5. 24 ct. Erasable Colored Pencils

    Erasable Coloured Pencils 24 ct.

    Crayola® Erasables Coloured Pencils let you change and re-do drawings or correct "mistakes."

  6. my first crayola activity set refresh

    My First Crayola Reusable Activity Set

    Reusable activities - doodle, erase and doodle again with 12 fun activity sheets

  7. PJ Masks Giant Colouring Pages

    Giant Colouring Pages, PJ Masks

    18 pages of large format colouring fun.

  8. Crayola® 24 ct Fun Effects! Twistables Crayons

    Twistables Fun Effects Crayons, 24 ct

    No sharpening… just twist up the fun!

  9. Crayola Modeling Clay

    Modeling Clay, Secondary Colours

    Never dries, Stays Soft!

  10. 8 ct. Metallic Colored Pencils

    Metallic Coloured Pencils 8 ct.

    Metallic pencils create SHIMMERING effects on coloured paper!

  11. Pj Masks create and carry art case

    PJ Masks Create and Carry Case

    More than 140 pieces to fuel imagination.

  12. Crayola Creations Jewelry Boutique

    Jewelry Boutique

    Create fun and fabulous bracelets, necklaces and much more.

  13. silly scents factory marker maker

    Silly Scents Marker Maker

    Create your own custom scented markers in minutes with the Crayola Scented Marker Maker!

  14. 10 ct. Crayola Classic Fine Line Markers

    Fine Line Markers, 24 ct.

    Fine Line tip is great for outlining, writing and drawing.

  15. signature blend shade coloured pencils

    Signature 24 count Blend and Shade Coloured Pencils in Tin

    Take your colouring, shading, and blending to a new level with Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Coloured Pencils

  16. 8 ct. Crayola Crayons

    Large Crayons, 8 ct.

    Large wax crayons deliver long-lasting, durable performance

  17. Mini Twistables 24 Count Boxed

    Mini Twistables Crayons, 24 ct

    No sharpening… just twist up the fun!

  18. 24 Count Twistable Coloured Pencils

    Twistables Coloured Pencils, 24 ct.

    No sharpening… just twist up the fun!

  19. 12 ct. Twistables Colored Pencils

    Twistables Erasable Coloured Pencils, 12 ct

    No sharpening… just twist up the fun!

  20. my first crayola washable easy grip markers

    My First Wash Tripod Grip Markers

    My First Crayola Tripod Grip Markers are perfect for your daring doodler.

  21. my first art smock new

    My First Crayola Art Smock

    My First Crayola Art Smock keeps kids and their clothes clean while they explore creating with colour!

  22. 36 aged up colouring pencils

    Aged Up Coloured Pencils, 36 ct

    36 rich, specialty colours

  23. aged up fl markers classic

    Aged Up Fine Line Markers, 12 ct, Classic Colours

    Crayola Fine Line Markers are the perfect tools for adults.

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